Atomic Candy Gift Cards

Dont forget we have gift cards for sale. Any amount over a buck. Makes great gifts. Or for Easter. Or for Employee appreciation. Or paint scrapers. Or guitar picks.


Easter Candy is here!

These are Barnyard Babblers. They give out a faint little SQUACK when squeezed.  They also have candy inside. We like them because of their insane looking bug eyes. We also have an assortment of PEEPS.


Mystifying Mints

Do you have bad breath? Do you need a mint?  Yes? No?  Ask the extremely cool retro tin of Ouija Mints. Embossed tin with peppermints inside. GoodBye.


Before microwaves – Jiffy Pop

 Gather around the Jiffy Pop! The Family Fun Treat! As they say - As much fun to make, as it is to.


2 new lunch boxes – Land of the Giants and Lost in Space

Just in!!! - 2 great collectors items. Irwin Allen is an American TV icon.  He was the man responsible for a the great TV shows of the 1960's. The Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, and Lost in Space. We have a few.


Bun Bars and Nut Goodies

We carry Bun Bars. All 3 flavors, Maple,Vanilla, and Caramel. Along with other Pearsons Brand favorites like Nut Goodie, and The Salted Nut Roll. Bun bars are currently on sale for .99 cents each.


Melt in your mouth german chocolates

Here's an old favorite. Little chocolate squares of "Alberts" Ice Cubes.  Known to melt in your mouth the second you pop it in. Sold by weight. $11.96 per lb.


Eat Me. Drink Me. What a curious feeling.

Throughout the store you will find various Alice in Wonderland items. Eat Me - Fruit and Nut Bar Drink Me - Energy Drink Alice's Enchantmints - Mints Cheshire Cat Mug - The Cat disappears, leaving only the grin. Just add hot liquid. Various Magnetic Finger Puppets - Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen.