Bun Bars and Nut Goodies

We carry Bun Bars. All 3 flavors, Maple,Vanilla, and Caramel. Along with other Pearsons Brand favorites like Nut Goodie, and The Salted Nut Roll. Bun bars are currently on sale for .99 cents each. pearsons


Melt in your mouth german chocolates

Here's an old favorite. Little chocolate squares of "Alberts" Ice Cubes.  Known to melt in your mouth the second you pop it in. Sold by weight. $11.96 per lb. Alberts


Eat Me. Drink Me. What a curious feeling.

Alice-2Throughout the store you will find various Alice in Wonderland items. Eat Me - Fruit and Nut Bar Drink Me - Energy Drink Alice's Enchantmints - Mints Cheshire Cat Mug - The Cat disappears, leaving only the grin. Just add hot liquid. Various Magnetic Finger Puppets - Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts. Play with or stick to the fridge.


DENTON always a few degrees cooler than DALLAS mugs

denton-cool-mugWe now carry the "Denton Cool" mugs to help raise money for the students in SWOOP, the Student-Managed advertising and public relations agency at UNT. This new slogan was created by UNT professor Bill Ford. Ford will be using 20% of the profits to create scholarships for students in SWOOP at UNT. $14.99 per mug.


Triple Threat cards for the holidays

We have freshly printed cards from Dentons own Triple Threat Press in the store! Come grab a box of cards or buy singles. Pack of ten for $27 or $3 per card.  This is the real deal letter press printed cards.  Great vintage look. Each one is its own piece of art. Will supplies last!


old 6 pack soda crate


We love repurposing items for store displays and other useful items. Here we made a 6 pack carrier out of an old soda crate. Its perfect to hold our scoops and tongs that are used to retrieve candy from the jars.


Big Boy banks

  You may know him as Bob's, Kip's, Frisch's, Elia's Bros, Shoney's, or over a dozen more names. But he is no doubt, Big Boy. A great American icon and mascot of the Big Boy restaurant chain. We knew him as Kip here in Texas. We have Big Boy banks for $20.99. Great Holiday gift.


Bubble Gum by the fistful

We love selling candy in bulk quantites. This way, you get exactly what you need.  Buy one piece or several pounds. Its all by weight. Mix and Match or keep it all seperate. The choice is yours. Here are just a few of the several different kinds of wrapped bulk we carry. Bit O Honey, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Peanut Butter Bars, Long Boys, Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums, Chupa Chups, Bullseyes, Mary Janes, Jolly Ranchers, Super Bubble, Bazooka, Dubble Bubble, etc, etc, etc


Bacon Candy Canes for the Holidays

Bacon Candy Canes. While supplies last. $4.99 per box of 6.


Jelly beans

Tons of bulk Jelly Beans. Mix and Match over 48 different flavors. Jelly Belly, the best bean on earth. 20121112-191437.jpg