We have a wide selection of sodas and beverages that are sure to tickle your fancy, (and maybe your throat!).
Here’s a list of some of the sodas we carry.
A&W –  Root Beer
Abita – Root Beer
Americana – Root Beer
Americana – Huckleberry
Australian Style – Hot Ginger Ale
Averys – Zombie Juice
Bacon Soda – Lester’s Fixin’s
Barrel Brothers – Root Beer
Bawls Root Beer
Bedfords – Root Beer
Bedfords – Vanilla Creme Soda
Big Red
Blenheim – Ginger Ale
Bubble Up
Buffalo Wing Soda – Lester’s Fixin’s
Bulldog – Root Beer
Bundaberg – Blood Orange
Bundaberg – Ginger Beer
Bundaberg – Root Beer
Capone Root Beer
Capt. Eli’s – Root Beer
Caruso Robusto – Root Beer
Cheerwine – Diet
Coca Cola
Cock Cola
Coke Diet
Coffee Soda – Lester’s Fixin’s
Crush – Grape
Crush – Orange
Cucumber Soda
Dachschunds – Root Beer
Dads – Root Beer
Dang – Root Beer
Dang – Butterscotch Root Beer
Death Valley – Root Beer
Dog ‘N Suds – Root Beer
Double Cola
Dr Browns – Diet Black Cherry
Dr Browns – Black Cherry
Dr Browns – Root Beer
Dr Pepper
Dublin – Cherry Limeade
Dublin – Grape
Dublin – Orange Cream
Dublin – Tart N Sweet Lemonade
Dublin – Texas Root Beer
Dublin – Vanilla Cream
Dublin – Vintage Cola
Duff – Energy Drink
Faygo – Root Beer
Filberts Root Beer
Firemans Brew Root Beer
Fitzs Root Beer
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch
Frostie Blue Cream
Frostie Cherry Limeade
Frostie Diet Root Beer
Frostie Root Beer
Frostop Root Beer
Frostop Diet Root Beer
Fukola Cola
Goody Blue Pop
Goody Green Pop
Goody Red Pop
Goody Yellow Pop
Grays Root Beer
Green River
Goose Island – Concord Grape
Goose Island Root Beer
Goose Island Spicy Ginger Ale
Gus Root Beer
Hanks Root Beer
Hanks Diet Root Beer
IBC Root Beer
IBC Diet Root Beer
Jack Black Dead Red Root Beer
Jackson Hole Buckin Root Beer
Jackson Hole Huckleberry
Jackson Hole Snake River Sarsaparilla
Jackson Hole Strawberry Rhubarb
Jic Jac – Strawberry
Johnny Ryan – Birch Beer
Johnny Ryan – Cola
Johnny Ryan – Cream Soda
Johnny Ryan – Ginger Ale
Johnny Ryan – Root Beer
Jolt Cola
Jones – Berry Lemonade
Jones – Blue Bubblegum
Jones – Cream Soda
Jones – Fufu Berry
Jones – Green Apple
Jones – Orange Cream
Jones – Root Beer
Jones – Strawberry Limeade
Jones –  Zilch Black Cherry
Jones – Zilch Pomegranate
Jones – Zilch Vanilla Bean
Jones – Whoopass
Kickapoo Joy Juice
Kutztown Root Beer
Lion Brewery Root Beer
Love Potion #69
Lucky Club Cola
Lurch Birch
MacFuddy Pepper
Maine Sarsaparilla
Martian Poop
Mexicana Cola
Mickey Mouse Soda
Monster Mucus
Mr Cola
Nichol Cola
Not See Cola
Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer
Pig Iron Cola
Peanut Butter Soda
Polar Classics Root Beer
Pop Shoppe – Black Cherry
Pop Shoppe – Cream Soda
Pop Shoppe – Grape
Pop Shoppe – Orange
Pop Shoppe – Root Beer
Pop Shoppe – Lime Ricky
RC Cola
Radioactive Soda
Rat Bastard Root Beer
Reading Draft Diet Root Beer
Reading Draft
Red Arrow Root Beer
Reeds Apple Cider Ginger Brew
River City Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Jalapeno Green Apple
Rocket Fizz Root Beer
Saranac Root Beer
Seven Up
Sioux City – Birch Beer
Sioux City – Root Beer
Sioux City – Sarsaparilla
Snapple – Various Flavors
So Duh – Cinnamon Soda
Sprecher – Cream Soda
Sprecher – Ginger Ale
Sprecher – Orange Cream Dream
Sprecher – Red Ravin Cherry
Sprecher – Root Beer
Squamscot – Root Beer
Squamscot – Sarsaparilla
Stewarts – Various Flavors
Sweet Corn Soda
Thomas Kemper Root Beer
Tommy Knocker Almond Creme
Tommy Knocker Orange Creme
Tommy Knocker Root Beer
Tommy Knocker Strawberry Creme
Triple AAA Root Beer
Tower Root Beer
Virgils Cream Soda
Virgils Root Beer
Wizard of Oz Soda
Yoo Hoo